Home Maintenance Checklist

Remember these important tips for summer / fall maintenance of your home

Courtesy of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)

Clean debris from gutters and downspouts

Cleaning debris from gutters and downspouts will go a long way to help prevent flooding and ice damning. People often think they only have to clean the gutters in the fall to get the leaves out. But actually, other objects can get caught in the gutters such as balls or bird’s nests.When that happens, the rain water overflows alongside the foundation which can seep into the basement or lower level of the house and create a flooding situation. If the gutters are clogged in the winter ice inside the gutters can melt during the day freeze and then expanded night to go underneath the shingles which can cause ice damning. That can lead to expensive repairs which can lead mold removal.

Be sure downspouts are discharging away from foundation

Be sure downspouts are discharging away from foundation so that water flows away from the foundation. This too will help prevent flooding in the lower levels of the house. Be sure that the downspouts are not bent. Sometimes people can step on them which will cause them to get blocked.

Clean outside A/C unit

Clean the outside A/C unit. Simply spray the cooling fins with a garden hose to get dirt and debris out. Be careful not to bend the fins because they are very delicate. Also, keep foliage away from the outside unit.

Change furnace filter

Replace the furnace filter regularly. That will help move the air freely and help prevent your air-conditioner from working too hard.

Prune foliage touching house and A/C unit

Prune foliage touching the house. That will keep insects and animals from having easy access to your house and prevent wear and tear to the siding. You should have enough room to walk between the foliage and your house without touching either.

Check sump pump

Check the sump pump once a month to make sure it works. Most people don’t know failed until it is too late.